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Automobile accidents occur too commonly in Philadelphia. Many people got injured in car accidents but experience pain, stiffness and other symptoms after a few days of the accident. To treat such symptoms one should visit the chiropractor after car accident. Chiropractors are skilled enough to identify hidden injuries and treat them.

They can prevent the worsening of such injuries. Chiropractor for car accident injuries can cure pain and other symptoms without the use of drugs. Unlike painkillers which mask the sensation of pain without treating the cause of pain, chiropractic care treats the cause of pain by using the manipulation of the spine, etc.

What are the common injuries in the car accident which requires auto injury chiropractor?

There is a diverse form of injuries found in patients injured in a car accident. One of the most common car accident injuries is Whiplash. Whiplash is caused by a sudden jerk that causes forward and backward movement of the head. This quick moment causes tiny tears in the ligament and muscles of the neck. Patients can feel pain in the shoulder, back and neck in the condition of whiplash. It also results in limited mobility, swelling and tenderness, etc.

Apart from whiplash, the following are the most common auto accident injuries:

  • Back Injury: The most common back injury includes back pain due to overstretching of muscles or tearing of ligaments, etc.
  • Knee Injury: The most common knee injuries are dislocation, fractures, tearing of ligaments, etc.
  • Herniated Disc: This occurs due to the problem in the rubbery disc between spinal bones. The common symptom is radiating pain in hand or leg.
  • Concussion: This occurs due to the impact of a sudden jerk which causes quick back and forth movement of the head. It can cause unconsciousness or other impacts.

What are the techniques/method used by Car accident chiropractor Philadelphia?

Car accident chiropractor, Philadelphia uses drug-free, non-invasive techniques to treat car accident injuries. The most common techniques are as follows:

  • Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is used to heal patients by improving circulation system. It also relieves muscles and treats stiffness and other symptoms. Massage therapy also enhances the movement and range of motion after the accident.
  • Spinal Adjustment: Spinal adjustment is a technique used by chiropractors to realign the balance of spines. Spinal adjustments, realign the vertebrae and helps in better communication between the brain and rest of the body. Restoring the spinal balance helps in faster healing and pain alleviation. It helps in getting back to normal life after the accident.
  • Exercise and stretches: Chiropractor teaches various exercises and stretches to patients that help them in enhancing mobility and treating stiffness, etc. It helps the patient to recover and heal fast.
  • Caring Advice: Chiropractor also advice patients to prevent certain activities that can hamper the healing and also guides them to live a healthy life during their recovery phase.

Should I go to a chiropractor after a car accident?

You should definitely visit a chiropractor after an accident. Even if you are not experiencing any kind of pain, you must see a chiropractor because some injuries are not immediately visible and it takes days to weeks to cause symptoms like pain, stiffness, etc. Chiropractors will help you to find hidden injuries and treat them on time.

They prevent it to get worse. Chiropractors also help you in strengthen your medical claim. There are common injuries like whiplash that often occur after a car accident. Chiropractors can treat common injuries like whiplash and chiropractic care is a good alternative to traditional medical treatment. It is comparatively cheaper and holistic in treatment.

How long to see a chiropractor after car accident?

The length of treatment after car accident will be decided by the nature of injuries and extend of injuries you sustained. It is entirely based upon the chiropractor’s proposed plan of treatment. Generally, chiropractic care requires repeated visits.

The goal is to reduce your symptoms and pain. The visits entirely depend upon your healing time. It may take one or two visits or repeated visits for weeks or months. It totally depends on the case and injuries. If your injuries require less time to heal, you will have to pay fewer visits whereas if your injuries are severe and demands more time to heal, you might have to pay more visits comparatively. Everything depends on the prescribed healing plan as well as the nature of the injury.

How to choose an auto injury chiropractor to visit?

The job of chiropractors is very crucial. It is important to find a skilled and experienced chiropractor because handling of the spine should be done very carefully. A minor mistake can cause severe injury.  It requires professional skill set, experience, and depth knowledge to become a certified chiropractor.

You should choose a qualified, experienced and trustworthy chiropractor to get yourself treated because you might get an injury from car accident chiropractor who is inexperienced and less qualified. Apart from finding a good chiropractor, you should ensure that their spine care hospital must be equipped with the latest technology.  Thus in case of car accident cases, one must find a skilled, experienced & trustworthy car accident chiropractor.

Where to find the best Philadelphia auto accident chiropractor?

If you have been injured in any car accident and thinking to visit an auto accident chiropractor but worried about finding the best car accident chiropractor in Philadelphia, Avon chiropractic & injury center is the best choice. We have highly qualified, skilled and trustworthy chiropractors.

Serving patients with full satisfaction and in a comfortable environment is our priority.

We ensure that we provide the best of services to our patients and ensure their holistic healing. We have years of experience and expertise in chiropractic care. We eliminate the symptoms and pain by finding its root cause and treating it with non-medicinal, non-invasive methods. We provide high standards of chiropractic care.

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